Friday, March 13, 2015

FMChip on mobile phones can be used for PSA's and phone carriers won't activate it.

So I was doing some work with the radio with 94.7 Fresh on and was intrigued when I heard an announcement about a Campaign #FreeRadioOnMyPhone to get the word out that  Radio Broadcasters can use the chip in Mobile phone even if the network is down to allow Radio communications to be send out  and the our US based carriers haven't' simply activated this capability. 


Every smart phone manufactured today contains an FM chip, but unlike in Europe, most in the U.S. are not activated. Increasingly, the device that people use for connecting to the world is their smart phone. For that reason, NPR and APM are working with our friends in commercial radio and religious broadcasting to urge the major cell phone service providers to activate the FM chip that is already in all the mobile phones they sell

Yes there are broader implication to this about general broadcasting of FM on our mobiles if we choose; However there should be no barriers to Emergency Personal getting messages out to the public.  And for that alone Emergency Responder's should help get the word out about this missing tool in their PIO's and overall responsibilities to the public.


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