Friday, November 12, 2010

The 1st CFA was probably a Hastati

The notion that someone out side of the community helping out in a disaster is not a new story it's one of the oldest stories. The furthest I can find takes place in the states of Lagash and Umma of Sumer in 2525 B.C

Stele of Vultures 2

Stele of Vultures was commemorated after a particular battle in which the king Eannatum of Lagash sent a single solider called a Hastati to a neighbor province that he had agreed to a mutual aide pack of forces.

The fears of this neighbor where satisfied when they defeated the invading force and Kind Eannatum erected the Stele IMHO it was a message for future generations accept the aid or be picked apart by the lions and vultures.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Welcome to Crisis Free Agents Blog

We are the extra special sauce that makes IC or any crisis for that matter more manageable.

We come from outside you fortress and yet we are there for the same reason to get the job done. Sometimes is takes a lone individual to approach the walled minds inherent in any system and say hey you need my help and that is why I am here.

A CrisisFreeAgent